GitLab is known to many programmers. If not all, because most developers use it. The main task is to version the repositories. Over the past years, this project has provided an integrated system that has several advantages that distinguish it from other solutions. The important thing in this case is that they are integrated and not, for example, provided as additional plugins. Complex applications more and more often take advantage of microservices. In the case of microservices and the constantly growing popularity, GitLab meets the requirements of providing such applications and makes working with them much easier.

How does GitLab work? A few hints

First of all, we should remember that after the programmer saves a new code fragment, the so-called commit. Everything is presented with a photo of all the files currently involved in development. In this case, the approvals automatically link to other approvals. Thus, we can create a complete path of programming history. At the same time, it should be clarified in this case that each programmer stores his code snippets in local memory. This memory is then linked to the shared team tree.

GitLab is a very popular storage service for the Git repository. It is worth knowing that it combines many support tools that also help in development. However, the key feature that distinguishes GitLab in this case is primarily open source code, written in a special Ruby language. The company offers an open core to integrate GitLab with local services and various business processes of companies.

GitLab is primarily positioned as a reliable and stable platform that combines all the necessary tools in a complex. They can be useful throughout the software lifecycle. Continuous integration as well as focus on DevOps tools takes GitLab to the next level, where it leaves competitors behind.

GitLab is a really powerful tool that provides solutions that meet the expectations of modern teams that create software on a daily basis. Each stage of building, testing and delivering the application is monitored. Thanks to the transparency of the operations performed, it allows the developer to provide new functionalities much faster. This is a very good solution that is especially recommended for young people who have just started their work as programmers. In this case, it is worth using a wide variety of tools so that we do not have too many problems at work later. We should use the GitLab backup functionality and choose GitLab archive repository.

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