When learning programming, there comes a time when we want to share the code with others. If we learn in a group, we want someone to check our code. We have a problem, because in this case it would be most convenient to show our code to someone more experienced who can advise us on a solution. What can we do in this case?

Github is used more and more often

It is definitely worth using various tools such as GitLab. To understand GitHub, we need to understand Git first. It is an open source version control system that was launched by Linus Trovalds. Git is similar to other version control systems, however, this tool is the most popular. When developers create something, they keep making changes to the code, releasing new versions. Version control systems keep these patches straight, storing their modifications in a central repository. This allows developers to easily collaborate in this case as they can easily download a new version of the software, make changes, and upload the latest version. Any developer can see these new changes, download them, and contribute.

When we want to find a job quickly

When looking for a job, we also want to show our achievements. When working on one project, even one file can be worked by several people at the same time. What can we do not to get in our way and overwrite changes? This is where Git, the version control system, comes in handy. We will save our code on GitHub, a platform for sharing projects and controlling them using Git.

The two most popular sites for storing Git repositories are GitHub and Bitbucket. They both work similarly, allowing us to host and collaborate with a Git repository, and also allow us to conveniently browse and search repositories. A significant difference lies in the type of fees. GitHub offers unlimited free public repositories, regardless of the number of people working on the project, and a paid service if we want to create a private repository. Bitbucket, on the other hand, allows us to publish free private repositories, but charges with more contributors. Which service our use for a particular repository depends on our specific needs. After creating an account, both services run on Git, so they are used similarly.

Where to check Github status?

We can also check the status in the Github program. The primary tool used to check the status of files is git status. If we run them immediately after cloning the repository, we will see the result. This means we have a clean working directory, in other words it has no tracked and modified files. Git also doesn’t see any untracked files, otherwise it would list them. After all, the command also shows the branch we are currently working on. Crashes in this program are really rare, so we shouldn’t worry about Github down.

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