Having source code backups should be in the interest of everyone involved in a project. In case of data loss (which is not that hard to happen…) the project team is left in a very difficult position. For this reason, it is very important to create backups. How to do it without making simple mistakes?

Why is it worth having a backup?

As already mentioned, situations in which data loss occurs can be very mundane. The most common cause is human error. Someone simply presses the wrong key, types the wrong command, or on impulse makes another trivial mistake, the consequences of which can be very serious. For this reason, it is so important to have BitBucket backup.

How to backup data?

Nowadays there is a rapidly growing section of the IT industry centered around products that give the possibility of automatic data backup. On the other hand, any programmer can do it manually, believing in his own skills. Both solutions are still being used, but it should be remembered that the automation of duties is an area that is more and more rapidly entering our lives. Backing up works in that way as well and you can be sure that is near future there will not be any programmers making their backup in a manual way as the automatic application will take it over for sure.

Why is it better to choose a program?

If the data backup is carried out in an inappropriate way, it may turn out that during the import of source code something went wrong and some important functions will be lost. Scripts written on your own may have limited capabilities, because not everyone has to be an expert in a particular programming field. For this reason, a better option would be to trust proven tools designed exactly to import data. This way, creating BitBucket backup will be much faster and simpler. Programs designed for such activities perform the various tasks automatically being sure that any errors will be communicated in an appropriate manner.

In conclusion, using Git backup programs is one of the best solutions. In this way, anyone can create their own backup, because the programs perform the individual tasks automatically. There is no need for specialized knowledge in this regard, which makes it much easier for many programmers who specialize in other branches of programming. At the same time, it is the safest solution because it is free from human error. In such a way created BitBucket backup will be able to perfectly fulfill its task, and the programmer and the company will not be lost in any way.

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