A lot of people have recently decided to programming. It is a very popular activity, especially among young people. It is no secret that the IT industry is doing very well and more and more people decide to change their qualifications to become an IT specialist. Thanks to this, we can earn much more money than in a normal position in other industries. What is very important and should every developer bear this in mind?

Proper development is very important

First of all, we should not forget that development should be very important for every programmer. Of course, many people who have learned programming think that they do not need it, but in fact it is a very volatile industry. That is why it is worth constantly training and acquiring newer and newer skills. It is also very important when we want to find a new job, for example. So let’s create our own individual portfolio in this case. Surely each of us knows the case, when a photographer or painter has his own website where we can see his best work. It is on this basis that many people often decide to cooperate with a given person. The situation is the same among programmers, because, for example, we can also successfully create our own website on the Internet, where we will place our projects.

An excellent portal that has recently been used by many developers is Github. More and more people are choosing such a solution, because it is a kind of industry portal and every valued programmer has his projects for Github. This is a very good solution, because thanks to the fact that we have our own portfolio there, more employers will be able to find us and, for example, offer us a much better job. Why is it still worth using Github and why is it an indispensable tool in the work of every programmer?

Git as a backup

Certainly, we should be aware that github is used more and more often, because thanks to this that we can, for example, work in groups. However, a very big advantage of this type of solution is also the fact that thanks to this we can save our projects. It is a more and more frequently used solution, because saving a copy of our work is very important, especially when it is a very complex project. We can also share such a project with other people and even make it available on the website. It is very valuable especially when we are working on something very complicated and we want to show the results of our work to recruiters. This type of solution also provides us with version control, thanks to which we can check at any time what changes have been made and who made these changes.

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