Nowadays, it is a necessity to work using online applications like BitBucket or GitHub. Regardless of which one you choose, there are a few certain rules to follow in both cases. We are, of course, talking about data security. There are situations where the security of a project can be compromised. In such cases, dangerous situations can occur. In that case, it is worth knowing how to secure your data.

Why is data not always safe?

Bitbucket is a portal through which millions of people work every day. This, in turn, creates an ideal environment for people who want to steal confidential data or a draft of an application design. For this reason, it’s a good idea to be mindful of how to mitigate errors that can contribute to these dangerous situations.

One of the most common reasons for stealing source code is a simple human error. It happens that by a simple mistake of a programmer working on a given project, a part of source code that is the know-how of the company he works for will be published.

Another example of human error is accidental deletion of data from BitBucket. Sometimes all it takes is a moment of inattention or a software malfunction for the situation to become tragic overnight. Deleting code can cause a project to fail completely, so it’s worth knowing how to protect yourself from such situations.

Remember about backup!

Nowadays, the issue of backup is becoming more and more often raised by specialists related to data security. In this way, you can preserve information that should not fall into the wrong hands and be sure that no human error can undo the effort put into the project. BitBucket backup can be stored in a variety of ways, with cloud-based solutions being the most common these days. This way, any designer working on a particular application can easily access the work of the entire team. This way, you don’t have to worry as much about the potential deletion of source code from BitBucket if a backup is stored well (

Backing up is the best solution to protect against simple human errors that can cause serious financial problems for your business. Using backup capabilities this risk is effectively eliminated.

In conclusion, having a BitBucket backup is a very good solution when there is a risk of data loss. It must be made clear that such risk always exists and it is only a matter of time. For this reason, every project leader should consider how to protect the team and the company from data loss or leakage. This is one of the main tasks around which you should focus as much effort as possible.

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